INS(H)NAK(R)ES and Our Heart


Session Title:

  • Body II

Presentation Title:

  • INS(H)NAK(R)ES and Our Heart



  • Living among snakes is put at the level of dream and imagination. Snakes are part of a huge arsenal of terrifying story that have always incited human imagination. “Have you ever been a snake?”. This invitation may be fulfilled if you take part in the interactive robotic event INSN(H)AK(R)ES.

    Thinking about enhancing the sensorial-perceptive field with technologies and using robotics, sensors and communication networks, this event proposes to share the body of a robot that lives in a serpentarium, that is, with living snakes.

    In ‘OUR HEART’, interactive installation (work in progress), the author offers echographies and other graphic landscapes of the heart as a room where the pumping of a heart at full function changes the virtual environment. The participant walks into the room with an electronic interface on the body. The acquisition and communication of data are made by the heart sound waves translated into electrical signals, These signals are received by the computer where they are digitized and processed. When interacting the biological senses are turned into computer paradigms and we experience the body/machine intimate digital dialogue.