“Queer Communication: Human-Nonhuman Encounters” presented by


Session Title:

  • Human Nonhuman Encounters and Distractions

Presentation Title:

  • Queer Communication: Human-Nonhuman Encounters




  • In the times of Anthropocene, with global pandemic and climate change, it is necessary to investigate narratives that show respect and accountability for all forms of life. In this scenario, the research for interspecies communication reveals other ways to promote human-nonhuman encounters that overcome a past of human mastery over nonhumans. This research analyzes how interspecies communication can be conceived beyond language. Moreover, it also analyzes how those communications can be understood as queer. The source of investigation is the series of artworks Wombs(2018-2019), by Margherita Pevere. The artist researched for bonds between her body on hormones, from taking birth control pills, and two different species, bacteria (asexual) and slug (hermaphrodite). The queer communication in Wombstalks about disrupting the opposition nature/culture and man/woman in interspecies encounters and articulates more equalitarian narratives that are accountable for human actions.