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  • Culture of Korean Internet users
    The utopian hope for cyberspace being able to create a whole new world that can supplement the real world is long gone. The Internet has been ranked down to one of the electronic communication devises like cell phone if not advertisement. We know that many of us can not get past even one day without the Internet. So does majority of the whole population of Korea rely on the Internet. This means that the dynamics of the Internet users now reflect specificities of the locale and the Internet culture has influence on the real life. Sometimes it even displays twisted version of the culture in real life at the same time. Korea, reaffirming the world record of being the country that has largest number of the Internet users in comparison to the whole population in the year 2006 and the country where broad-band system is most widely distributed, shows clearly deep connection between on-line and off-line cultures. Furthermore the Internet plays supplementary role in the society.

    This presentation gathers the art works that exhibits the characteristics of Korean Internet users’ culture. To begin, it must be noted that Koreans show very strong group mentality and value human relationships more than any group of people resulting in bounty of various web community activities including Cyworld.com. This Cyworld.com, name of the service opened the new era of human relationship. In this paper presents artworks stemmed from web community activities and Cyworld.com’s mini homepage services (Emil Goh, Sangil Kim, and Ninano Art Project). Art Group Ninano Project created pictorial map of Korean art field using the avatar images of Cyworld. Also, internet chatting and freeboard activity related art works by Junghwan Park, Injis group, and Taeyoun Kim exhibiting language usages and internet shopping behavior by Eunyoung Jung.