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  • R < Connecting Senses




  • For the second time the artists-in-labs program from Zurich University of the Arts is present at the ISEA symposium which is hosted in Hong Kong in 2016. Artworks and experiments of six artists/artist groups from East Asia and Europe will get presented at Connecting Spaces Hong Kong – Zurich. R<CONNECTING SENSES focuses on perception, the relationship of art, science, technology and sensory systems. Oscillating between kinetic mechanics, material collages and poetic acoustics, the artists share a strong interest in experimental concepts and transdisciplinary encounters. Thus, the exhibition functions as a laboratory by way of discussions and interactions. Artistic practices, aesthetic strategies and situated knowledge are presented and shared among the artists of the exhibition and the ISEA participants and visitors, who are more than welcome to challenge the visible and invisible. Together we aim to create new ideas and new artistic outputs by crossing, blurring and re-connecting the borders of art and science, cultural perspectives and the human senses. Since 2004, the artists-in-labs (ail) program has been facilitating artistic research through long-term residencies for artists in scientific laboratories and research institutes. The program is part of the Institute for Cultural Studies in the Arts ICS at Zurich University of the Arts ZHdK. It promotes sustainable collaborations between artists and scientists of all disciplines, in Switzerland and across the world. These transdisciplinary and cross-border collaborations provide artists with an opportunity to critically engage with the sciences and their experimental and aesthetic dimensions. The artists have the possibility to explore the lab site as well as a vast range of scientific topics, methods and technologies. The collaborative residencies of the ail program are presented at various national and international exhibitions, symposia, workshops and performances. They are introduced and documented in books and short films, in order to share explorations, ideas, discussions and aesthetic experiences with a broader audience.