Presentation Title:

  • Reach



  • Reach combines aesthetics, pattern exploration, and interactive qualities to create a new language for wearable expression. Areas of investigation include person-to-person communication, proximity, reaction to environments and weather stimulus.

    Reach is a part of a larger project platform, ‘IT&Textiles’ at the PLAY studio of the Interactive Institute in Gorg, Sweden. With this research project, we aim to join two different areas of design and technology development: information technology and textiles. On the one hand, we are looking for new applications and areas for textiles; on the other, we want to give information technology new clothes and expand the design space of everyday computational things.

    Reach focuses on investigating new forms for wearable communication and expression through creating ‘wearable sketches’ or prototypes that test both material and interactive qualities. Through this iterative process we aim to incorporate our findings into new ‘smart’ clothing or textiles. The wearable sketches include everyday worn items such as hats, bags, scarves, and skirts that react or interact with the environment or persons within the environment. In addition, they explore both additive and subtractive pattern-making processes where patterns grow or are revealed in response to changes in one’s personal, social or environmental space. Material samples and prototypes include the use of cottons, woven linens, conductive materials, UV-sensitive textiles, thermo-chromic materials and electro-luminescent wire.