i-Biology Patent Engine


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  • i-Biology Patent Engine




    “A patent is a type of property right. It gives the patent holder the right, for a Limited time, to exclude others from making, using, offering to sell, selling, or importing into the United States the subject matter that is within the scope of protection granted by the patent.” -U.S. Patent Office

    i-BPE 2.0 takes its cue from Large institutions and governmental agencies that have begun a procedure they call ‘Deep Harmonization’. Deep Harmonization is an attempt to come up with a Global Patenting System. ii-SPE wilt participate by giving the public the right to revise existing patents for the non-scientific, non-bureaucratically inclined.

    i-BPE agents will offer patent play, for non-governmental ownership.
    i-BPE will filter the gene market’s esoteric intelligence networks for aggressive take-over by 1-BPS users.
    i-BPE is an open patent project.
    i-BPE is a counter-market-objectivity tool.
    i-BPE will offer to patent the patent action.