“(ready)Media: Towards an Archaeology of Media and Invention in Mexico” presented by Aedo


Session Title:

  • Latin American Forum II: Current Media Art Practice / Curators and Organizers

Presentation Title:

  • (ready)Media: Towards an Archaeology of Media and Invention in Mexico




  • I’m pleased to present the project (ready)Media: Towards an archaeology of media and invention in Mexico, initiated almost two years ago by Laboratorio Arte Alameda in collaboration with a number of curators, artists and researchers. As one of the two spaces in Mexico City devoted specifically to media art practices or, as we prefer to say, those practices that engage a dialogue with the multiple relations between art and technology, Laboratorio Arte Alameda’s archive has a lot to say. Our archive was not organized, lacking even the form of one a few years ago. Being extremely active in exhibiting and promoting, but most of all, contributing to connect the several media arts’ communities in the country, systematizing was not a priority from the beginning.

    It takes time for documents to be needed, and now, ten years later, we have the need to organize them. We wanted to deal creatively, critically and, above all, collaboratively with this task. First we set a specific physical space for it and begun to dig in to all the hard discs and drawers holding over ten years of intense production.

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