“1001 Nights – An Open-domain Narrative Game Using Text Generation Model” presented by Sun, Lee and Asadipour


Presentation Title:

  • 1001 Nights – An Open-domain Narrative Game Using Text Generation Model




  • To immerse everyday storytelling into real-life contexts in digital interactions, we created a game that turns entities in a story into digital assets that have functional roles. Taking the classic folklore as inspiration, we created 1001 Nights, a co-creative, mix-initiative storytelling game using an existing AI creative writing system. In this game, Shahrzad (driven by the player) needs to tell stories through a dialogue interface, while the King (driven by the AI model) will continue the player’s story in turn. Text from the story is utilised in actual game mechanisms, so that weapon keywords in the game like “sword” or “shield” will turn into equipment that can be used for battle. The game aims to facilitate player engagement and creative interactions through “invading language”, which points to the text that will change the reality in game.



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