“Re(cognition) Mapping: Redefining Space, Place and Territory” presented by Marchi


Session Title:

  • Ludic Maps

Presentation Title:

  • Re(cognition) Mapping: Redefining Space, Place and Territory




  • Since its origins, the maps were meant to set a mode of understanding, interpretation and representation of the world. As a communication tool, the maps are able to spatializing the interaction among social, economic and cultural urban reality in a graphic expression that provides the meaning of the urban system itself. Geographical representation systems such as Google maps, Google earth and Google view have introduced a new way of understanding the world from a small to a large scale, allowing anyone, anywhere and anytime to collaborate in the construction of the urban representation by geotagging and geoblogging an urban experience. In the city, there are different systems of signs that collide, combine and hybridize setting up new languages and redesigning old modes of representation. This can be even more intense regarding the technological developments that not only modify how one represents the space, but completely changes what one calls space.

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