“Re-embodied Intelligence” presented by Seaman


Session Title:

  • Artificial Consciousness and the Self

Presentation Title:

  • Re-embodied Intelligence



  • Re-embodied intelligence can be defined as the translation of media elements and/or processes into a symbolic language enabling those elements and processes to become part of an operative computer mediated system. The ability to ”translate” the aesthetic conceptions of an author into a form that is operative within a technological environment, is fundamental to the creation of interactive artworks. We will consider ”intelligence” as referring to activities we have in the past considered intelligent, like “playing chess say, or recognizing visual images” (Aleksander). In the creation of artworks the artist employs modes of thinking that might be considered illogical, nonsensical, intuitive, metaphoric, nonlinear. The intelligence embodied in an individual’s art practice, functions in the service of their poetics. Already, in 1962, Eco saw the need for the use of multi-value logics, in terms of art production, which were ”quite capable of incorporating indeterminacy as a valid stepping-stone in the cognitive process”. How can the artist develop systems which re-embody multi-value logic, to work inter-dependently with systems which have traditionally been seen as singularly logical and non-emotive? Is there a set of salient properties intrinsic to interactive art production, that the artist can explore to become an ”author of responsive, self regulating systems, enabling ”intelligent” emergent poetic responses to viewer interactivity?

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