“Ruminations on remuneration” presented by Ridgway


Session Title:

  • Positioning local and global transactions

Presentation Title:

  • Ruminations on remuneration




  • Abstract

    n.e.w.s (northeastwestsouth.net) was launched at ISEA2008 in Singapore. n.e.w.s. is a platform for participatory development of artistic and curatorial projects in contemporary art and new media framed by curatorial contributions from around the globe. Bringing together voices and images from North, East, West and South, n.e.w.s. reflects geographic diversity and facilitates a framework for collaboration, content and visions of change from outside the normal parameters of established art world networks. In this paper we (n.e.w.s.) would like to address the relationship between rethinking the social and economic conditions of art and the artistic context of an emergent participatory community investing in creative production on the Internet. This will be mapped out through notions of the gift, immaterial labour, debt and participatory technologies. Finally we would like to introduce our forthcoming book Arbitrating Attention that explores alternative models of remuneration.

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