“Science Art Policy Working on Common Ground” presented by Benincasa and Eeckel


Presentation Title:

  • Science Art Policy Working on Common Ground




  • Our contribution to ISEA2023 will briefly introduce what the JRC SciArt project does at the intersection of artistic inquiry, scientific research, and policymaking. After an initial contextualisation of how our art-science programme is linked to EU policymaking, we will discuss current work on the topic of “NaturArchy: Towards a Natural Contract”, which wants to re-imagine how we relate to nature and the more-than-human, currently characterised by a sense of sovereignty and exploitation, possession and control. Can we rethink our being environment and in relation to non-human scales? How can art, science and policymaking work together to activate our deep entanglement with the non-human, and re-imagine social relations, cultural frameworks and policy structures?