Sensory Cosmologies Group


Presentation Title:

  • Sensory Cosmologies Group



  • A lead group of artists and scholars initiate the Sensory Cosmologies group to discuss various strategies they have synthesized over the years towards engaging the senses to tackle both specific and “wicked” problems none-reductively. This panel will engage topics as pervasive as decolonization of space and time, research-creation at the intersection of art and science, comprehension of complexity, principles of undivided wholeness, and ethico-aesthetic paradigms for integration of non-western perspectives in cultural production of the new. Our guest sensory cosmonauts will discuss whether the difference between living and nonliving is a matter of degree with no beginning and no end: Sentience and liveliness as a degree-of-flux, propelled by complexity, expanding and contracting pre-spatial margins of indeterminacy which de-linearize rationality on different orders, magnitudes, and scales. From quantum indeterminacy, to fractal bifurcation, to post-human creativity within playful cosmologies, Sensory Cosmologies event will attempt to breathe chaos into order.