situationism, resistance, Occupy, Super 8, Žižek, digital media


Session Title:

  • Political Resistance

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  • situationism, resistance, Occupy, Super 8, Žižek, digital media




  • “Revolutionaries do not make revolutions! The revolutionaries are those who know when power is lying in the street and when they can pick it up.”   _Hannah Arendt

    Sex Workers, after being denied visa’s to travel to the US because of travel restrictions imposed by the US Government to attend the annual International AIDS Conference in Washington, staged an alternative conference in Kolkata, India. The five day “Sex Workers’ Freedom Festival” ensured sex workers’ a voice and their right to meaningfully participate in issues that affect their lives. This alternative event made visible the on-going exclusion of sex workers to address the need, for sex workers to be seen as partners in HIV prevention, treatment and care. Over the 5 days a highly successful campaign, that embraced info-activism and co-creative digital media, engaged local and international media. The issues and demands of sex workers became front page news and stories shared via social media. The vibrant and diverse global sex worker movement unrestricted, ready for download. How has the changing digital media landscape affected activists and storytellers in their pursuits of positive social change? What are the impacts? And what is the future role of of the community-based artist/activist in uncovering ‘untouched’ and ‘touchy’ subjects?