“SoundLab, a spatial audio research/practice unit in Hong Kong (Online)” presented by Ikeshiro and Lindborg


Session Title:

  • Institutional Presentation Online Content

Presentation Title:

  • SoundLab, a spatial audio research/practice unit in Hong Kong (Online)



  • The presentation is a progress report on the design and installation of SoundLab, a physical art/research space with a hemispherical loudspeaker array dedicated to high spatial resolution audio at the School of Creative Media [SCM] in City University of Hong Kong [CityU] began in November 2020. It also introduces a study on the local context of sonic art in Hong Kong and possible future directions for the genre in the region to which it aims to contribute through its research and art as well as teaching and outreach activities.

    SoundLab, funded with an ACIM (Centre for Applied Computing and Interactive Media) Joint Fellowship and hosted at SCM (Creative Media Centre, CityU) since November 2020 is a physical laboratory space with a loudspeaker array dedicated to high spatial resolution audio. SoundLab enables and supports a range of research, artwork, and teaching activities. The Joint Principal Investigators Dr PerMagnus Lindborg and Dr Ryo Ikeshiro are setting out six objectives through which the SoundLab will be deployed in research, artwork, teaching, and outreach.

    In order to better understand the local context of sonic art, (used loosely as an umbrella term to refer to electroacoustic music [EAM], experimental music, electronic music, sound art etc. for want of a better term) to which we aim to contribute, we have undertaken a study with colleague Dr Damien Charrieras on the topic in Hong Kong for a forthcoming publication. We have interviewed musicians and artists based in Hong Kong involved in sonic art. The socio-economic and political factors contributing to the current state of art and music both inside and outside academia in Hong Kong are considered along with the interdisciplinary nature of local artists and musicians and the place of sonic art and EAM in their practice.


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