“Balance-Unbalance. Ecology and Citizenship” presented by Dal Farra


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  • Institutional Presentation Online Content

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  • Balance-Unbalance. Ecology and Citizenship




  • We are living in a world reaching a critical point. The equilibrium between a healthy environment, the energy our society needs to maintain or improve its usual lifestyle, and the world’s interconnected economies have recently passed from a delicate balance to a new reality, where unbalance seems to be the rule. Traditional disaster management approaches are not enough to deal with the current problems and the rising risks. New forms of collaboration are needed to inspire people and organizations to link knowledge with action.

    Artists could inspire new explorations and contribute with innovative perspectives and critical thinking to actively participate in solving some of our major challenges, such as the spiraling environmental crisis. We need to develop creative ways to facilitate a paradigm shift toward a sustainable tomorrow. Creative thinking, innovative tools, and transdisciplinary actions could produce perceptual, intellectual and pragmatic changes. One of the initiatives that aim to use the media arts as a catalyst, with the intent of generating a deeper awareness and creating lasting intellectual working partnerships to face the many facets of the environmental crisis, is: The Balance-Unbalance international project, which explores [art, science, technology] intersections between nature and society.

    In this context of global threats: Can the [media] arts and artists help? Everyone has a role in the construction of the future, artists, too. We must search, investigate, reflect, and act. We can create, and we can also invite others to analyze, engage, envision and act. It is not possible to wait longer or to delegate personal responsibilities. By bringing people from very different sectors of our society to think together and facilitate multi and transdisciplinary collaborative project developments, Balance-Unbalance and its associated initiatives are turning feasible to connect artistic creation and tangible tools for change. Balance-Unbalance has been contributing to making social transformation happen.



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