SPEED: Technology, Media, Society


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  • Electronic Communication/Collaboration

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  • SPEED: Technology, Media, Society



  • New media technologies continue to change how intellectual and artistic work is done, and how scholars and artists form communities.The Interne, has allowed for collaboration across continents to become a matter of course. Because the stakes are so high, great care needs to be taken in the development of new technologies promoting creative intellectual communication. Care, however, should not inhibit experimentation. How might work be better disseminated? How might marginalized voices be amplified? What new kinds of inquiry and artistic expression will emerge from unorthodox methods of exchange? Will such exchanges fundamentally alter the disciplines of power in and out of the academy? Such questions are not only about how media technology will change our practice, they are about how practice will change our media technology. SPEED: Technology, Media, Society, is our contribution toward reflexively investigating these shifting terrains.