Art at Science: The New Collaboration


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  • Electronic Communication/Collaboration

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  • Art at Science: The New Collaboration



  • Art at Science—The New Collaboration is an article which describes and analyzes recent new collaborations between scientists and artists. In 1996 Sommerer & Mignonneau organized an international symposium on art and science called the”ART-Science-ATR” symposium at ATR Kyoto. International renowned scientists and artists were invited to give presentations. In continuation of the symposium they edited a book, called Art @ Science (Springer editions, Vienna, New York). The article Art at Science—The New Collaboration gives a short overview and summary of the fields discussed at the symposium and in the book and summarizes the areas in which recent collaboration between art and sciences occurs and is being developed. The phenomenon of the scientists-artists and the artists-scientist as well as the socio-cultural aspect of this merger in continuation of The Two Cultures of C.P. Snow shall be discussed.