State of Emergence


Presentation Title:

  • State of Emergence



  • Discussion Program, hosted by Manchester Metropolitan University, Department of Fine Arts:
    Expert Witnesses, Cross Examinations, Conspiracy Cells and Soapboxes, Breakfast Debates, Surveillance and Midnight Interruptions

    Can you survive 72 hours of Terror in the City?

    Expert Witness

    – the Presenter’s case is open to scrunity by Cross Examiners from the same field of work. Finally, the audience as judge and Jury of performances, determine the survival of the fittest.


    – a group of Activists, guided by an Activator, explore all aspects of a theme. Each Activist will argue her/his own corner before open debate with the audience to determine the consensus of opinion, and therefore Cell Policy.


    – a chance for individuals or teams to make a point, or develop a theme. Strictly controlled sessions of free speech, with censorship imposed only by the crowd.

    Breakfast Debate

    – Hosted by members of the Programming Committee, and designed to provoke discussion without time for defence strategies. A further chance for promotion of ideas and collaboration, or an opportunity for self incrimination.


    Terror Firma Surveillance
    – a collaboration between isea98:terror and ISEA HQ, Montreal. Designed to monitor and record all sessions, and to broadcast internally and incessantly. An essential part of the access initiative, so that all approved information is universally available. Ignorance is no defence, and there will be nowhere to hide.

    Sessions include:

    1. World Premiere of Frozen Palaces
    2. Racial and Gender Stereotypes
    3. Neo Post Cyberfeminism Tongue Twisters
    4. On the Road to Omniana
    5. From Kindergarten to Total Carnage
    6. Consensual Times in Digital Music
    7. Terrorism Art Mainstream as the Enemy
    8. Controller & Controlled
    9. Hybrid Heroes
    10. Open Electronic Book
    11. Fine Art Curation and Spaces
    12. Media Follows Art
    13. Virtual Orientalism
    14. Virtual Migrants Fugitive
    15. Technophobia
    16. Visual Rhetoric Light Dance
    17. The Web Stalker
    18. and more!

    Under oppressive and hostile conditions, time is of the essence. Points must be sharp, presentations short and clear. Risks must be taken boldly – the luxury of hesitation is forfeit. Open debate must be our forum for ensuring all voices are heard. Presenters are tasked with drawing commitment from their audience, by any means available. For the future to avoid the tragedies of the past, each voice must be heard, and all voices must be of equal importance. Neutrality is not an option. Silence is not a choice.