State of the Art in Yugoslavia


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  • State of the Art in Yugoslavia





    The first generation of authors of computer art in Yugoslavia acted during the 1960’s under the patronage of the international movement of NEW TENDENCY. The isolated support of modern art gallery in Zagreb was not sufficient to hold these authors in the country so that the majority of them left for abroad where the working conditions, social status and the appreciation were more acceptable. During the 1970’s, in the period of irrelevant art and early 1980’s, in the period of coming back to the picture, any action within the computer art was sporadic, almost not existing. The second half of the 1980’s brings the change limited by the possibility of purchasing the available computer technology and now, already recognizable, the second generation of computer artist in Yugoslavia was developing in a broader sense. The presence and the success of these artists at the international scene will inevitably lead to the verification of the position of these artists in the field of the modern art in Yugoslavia.