Stereo Animated Pictorial Space: Towards New Aesthetics in Contemporary Painting


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  • Computer Graphics and Remediation

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  • Stereo Animated Pictorial Space: Towards New Aesthetics in Contemporary Painting




  • How can artist influence new technological initiatives and push the expressive capabilities of animation and 3D Stereoscopy towards a new pictorial space? How can we create fully immersive painting where large scale moving paint marks and textures would appear to exist in real space? What is the significance of a Stereoscopic 3D (S3D) cinema in contemporary art painting and design practice today? Should painting expand the aesthetic experience by opening to new methods, other disciplines and to a different audience?

    In recently completed research within School of Art Design and Media into innovative digital image methodologies, opened is an original field of explorations into inventive applications of 3D Stereoscopy as an art digital media expression. This paper would illustrate first outcomes of the art practice based research formed as collaboration among faculty from the Nanyang Technological University School of Art, Design and Media, Institute for Media Innovation, NTU and the School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, along with collaborators from local industry.

    While establish relationship between technology, materiality and aesthetics these works are inspired by the idea of pushing the limits of perceptibility, by the fascination of the surreal and abstract art, and by the aesthetics of high-definition, intensely multi-colored imagery. Presentation would to illustrate importance of an artist driven digital imaging fueling stereography at every level of image capture, generation and manipulation and display, and would emphasize the need for a fundamental pedagogy and toolset.

    The paper would introduce artistic explorations of new perceptual, cognitive and interactive digital art ranging from: experimental 3D stereo animated painting to digitally fabricated art works and installations that converge seemingly unrelated fields of art aesthetic, cinema and science. With hope that it would inspire new ideas and possible future collaborative initiatives in synthetic image technology innovations within academic research environment and wider.

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