Stichitures: Interactive Art Installation For Social Interventions


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  • Interactivity and Art

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  • Stichitures: Interactive Art Installation For Social Interventions




  • Stichitures is an interactive installation that creates an environment which proliferates communication through the meeting of design and technology. This dynamic piece encourages people to interact with it, which causes the art piece to evolve. However, the evolution of the piece depends on the interaction of multiple individuals; a single individual will only have a temporary effect on the piece. The co-dependence on others inspires communication between individuals, which builds to create a greater sense of connection on a human level . The atmosphere of a reactive and collaborative art piece magnifies the shared experience. To encourage interaction, the piece consists of a series of overlapping three dimensional patterns which use sensors to read the relationship of observers with the installation and each other. Reactions to observer proximity, which appear as interspersed light emanating from the structure, differ depending on the type and amount of interaction taking place. The observer dependent response encourages people to communicate and explore possible visual outputs from the art piece. The installation is then used to observe and collect data related to the effects of design and technology on human interaction. The paper will be on the data collected from an installation occurring early 2011 and the conclusions which can be drawn from such data.

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