“Structures of Emotion: Speculating an AI-Human Symbiosis” presented by Meshi and Chiaravalloti


Session Title:

  • Non-human – Post-human Agency (full papers)

Presentation Title:

  • Structures of Emotion: Speculating an AI-Human Symbiosis

Presentation Subtheme:

  • Symbiotic Individuations




  • Structures of Emotion is a performance artwork that explores a symbiotic relationship between humans and Emotion Recognition Artificial-Intelligence (AI) algorithms. The piece utilizes a wearable computing device designed to enable the wearer to recognize emotions through two different perspectives: their own organic senses and the AI apparatus, which serves as an extension of the mind, connecting the human mind to a ‘collective consciousness’. Participants interacted with two performers; one wore the AI device, while the other relied solely on their organic abilities. The performance demonstrates how AI emotion recognition systems are still immature. However, it invites us to speculate on its potential role when it becomes more sophisticated. Additionally, it explores the ethical complexities of our entanglement with emotion recognition algorithms and imagines the danger of becoming dependent on them within a transhumanist future.