“Supereste Ut Pugnatis (Pugnatis) Ut Supereste” presented by Helyer


Session Title:

  • Semipermeable

Presentation Title:

  • Supereste Ut Pugnatis (Pugnatis) Ut Supereste




  • Roundtable: Semipermeable

    Keywords: Bio-art, Multimedia installation, Art and Science, Immigration Policy, Chemical Warfare.

    The title of the work discussed in this paper, Supereste ut Pugnatis (Pugnatis) ut Supereste, is derived from the motto (Fight to Live) of the Chemical Defense Establishment located at Porton Down in the UK. The work is a mixed media installation that examines the intersection between the Visual Arts and Bio-Sciences and is conceptually focussed upon the development of metaphors that address the membrane in terms of biology, politics, language and culture.

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