Suum: Virtual Reality Art Game

  • ©ISEA2019: 25th International Symposium on Electronic Art, Heejoo Kim, Simon Hutchinson, and Kenneth Thompson, Suum: Virtual Reality Art Game


Session Title:

  • Sonification

Presentation Title:

  • Suum: Virtual Reality Art Game




  • “Suum” is a virtual reality art game about mindfulness navigated by breathing. It is a virtual environment in which people can experience the basic human ability to be fully present via inhalation and exhalation. While the audience is wearing a virtual reality headset, they can view and interact with the 3-dimensional space, environmental elements, simulation, motion graphics, objects, and adaptive music. In order to take a step beyond the conventions of virtual reality, there will also be a respiration belt set up to measure participants’ breathing. The virtual setting and sound will be designed to create a lucid and relaxed environment that feels comfortable and can adapt the technology in order to focus on the user’s presence and surroundings. As a result, based on the length and strength of their breathing, users can experience the interaction between their respiration, the virtual atmosphere, and their own being.