“Symphonic Infinitum 2015” presented by Finch


Presentation Title:

  • Symphonic Infinitum 2015



  • Symphonic Infinitum is a new body of work consisting of hybrid wall assemblages that explore the perceptual relationship of visualization and sound through instrumentation and play. Revisiting John Cage’s idea of chance, the work relies on audience participation to activate a visual system, allowing variations of order and chaos to influence how the work is perceived. The artist describes the work as a type of “physics machine”, similar to the anatomy of a pachinko game or a children’s handheld maze toy, where gravity, kinetics, and centrifugal force, cause small balls to roll around inside a circular structure. As the balls hit various parts of the structure, random percussive sounds are emitted. Each piece offers a unique interactive framework and run in size from 18 inches to 7 feet in diameter. Rather than approaching sound from the vantage point of a musical instrument, this project investigates audio mechanics by creating a dialogue between visual aesthetics, embodied interaction, and the resulting effects on auditory perception.

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