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  • x0 Planet



  • “Illusion is the first of all pleasures.” _Voltaire
    “Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one.” _Albert Einstein

    In an effort to resolve apparent inconsistencies between Einstein’s Theory of Gravity and modern quantum physics, Juan Maldacena, in 1997, and supported by recently published research by Yoshifumi Hyakutake and his colleagues in Japan, proposed a model of the Universe where it exists in nine dimensions of space, and one of time, that is actually most similar to a two dimensional hologram, where the three dimensions we seem to perceive are actually an illusion.

    Inspired by the scientific, spiritual and visual ramifications of the “Holographic Principle,” I have created a three dimensional structure that resembles a pyramidal prism, approximately one meter wide. Moving three-dimensional imagery will be visible within the pyramid. This holographic projection is based upon an optical illusion invented by Henry Dircks and popularised by Henry Pepper at the Royal Polytechnic (now the University of Westminster) in 1863. Like the “Holographic Principle,” the form of this illusion that I am using employs a series of two-dimensional moving images projected to appear as if they exist in three dimensions.

    Within this holographic projection, are a series of undisovered planets located in distant regions of our Universe. This installation was inspired by the research of a friend and notable astronomer, Professor Lisa Kaltenegger, who is working at the forefront of exoplanet discovery. Yet, rather than a de facto representation of her data, I have endeavored to visualise worlds that only our imagination, rather than our previous experience through scientific discovery thus far as a species, can conjure.

    This installation, the embodiment of things known but not yet seen, is intended to challenge assumptions of pereption and materiality. It is a spectulative exploration of the Universe that sits in parallel with our contemporary scientific search for worlds beyond our solar system. In this manner, x0 Planet can both feed the imagination (subjective experience) while prompting further science-based exploration (objective experience).