Synthetic Machines: Turning to the Spectra

  • ©ISEA2019: 25th International Symposium on Electronic Art, Eva Sjuve, Synthetic Machines: Turning to the Spectra


Session Title:

  • Sonification

Presentation Title:

  • Synthetic Machines: Turning to the Spectra




  • This artist talk discusses recent research in sonification and the tuning of synthetic machines in the project “Metopia”. In this project, Metopia Deep (Signal), the energy of electromagnetic waves in the atmosphere has been explored, with the use of machine learning and sound processing in Pure data, as emergent phenomena. The act of tuning into the electro-magnetic spectra, the material in this work, both light and beyond the visible, is central to artistic practice in this work. The synthetic machines are interfaces between the fleeing electro-magnetic waves and our listening, using vectors in machine learning models, and a metaphorical mapping of vocal rhythmic patterns.