Synthetic Method of Fractal Textures


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  • Short Paper Presentations

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  • Synthetic Method of Fractal Textures



  • A synthetic method of textures which looked like natural landscapes was developed by applying a fractal synthetic algorithm. A natural structure, such as a cloud, a forest and so on, is born while the process that the method carves a fine texture from a coloured graphical fragment. Our method has following advantage. Any required granularity can be realized and any size of textures can be created. Textures, which may introduce the similar physiological and psychological effects to the human brain, may be got as many as we want, by changing the setting of the random number series. Delicately different textures can be created by arranging the fining parameters. Applications of the method to animation, expression of a yuragi (a small quivering) and 3D image will be investigated in the future. The textures created by our method are also adopted as the presented samples of the experiments in which KANSEI reactions to them are analyzed and the load of the brain and investigated.