Talking About Electronic Art


Session Title:

  • Bibliothèque Nationale De France

Presentation Title:

  • Talking About Electronic Art



  • Panel Statement


    Opening speeches by:

    • Jacqueline Sanson, Bibliotheque nationale de France,assistant managing director
    • Isabelle Giannattasio, Bibliotheque nationale de France, director of the audiovisual department.
    • Ann Marie Duguet – Introduction to a history of electronic and digital arts

    Ann Marie Duguet is director of the Aesthetic Research Centre for Cinema and Audiovisual Arts at Universite de Paris 1.

    Debate led by Thierry Grillet: How to gather, preserve, and further people’s knowledge of the electronic arts?

    First part: The artist’s point of view with

    • Aurdlien Bambagioni (CD-rom Outline),
    • Andrea Davidson (CD-ram La Morsure – The Bite),
    • Antoine Denize (CD-rom Machine a ecrire – The Typewriter),
    • Martin Le Chevalier (CD-rom La gageure – The challenge)

    Second part: The mediator’s point of view with

    • Annick Bureaud, director of the OLATS association, art critic and teacher,
    • Anne Marie Duguet, Universite de Paris 1,
    • Christophe Jouanlanne, manager of the bookstore at the Jeu de Paume museum,
    • Francois Perrodin, teacher, the School of Fine Arts of Rennes.

    Third part The curator’s point of view with:

    • Sylvie Boulanger, National Centre of Printed Art, Chatou, curator,
    • Pascale Cassagneau, chief inspector of education and artistic creation, member of the delegation for visual arts of the Culture Ministry
    • Christine Van Assche, National Museum of Modern Art, curator in charge of the new media,
    • Jane Garcia, Bibliotheque Nationale de France, Audiovisual department, Multimedia departmental head

    Presentation of the artist’s CD-roms