Annick Bureaud


  • the OLATS Association and Art, Science, Technology Network (ASTN)

Job Title:

  • Art Critic, Teacher, Director, and Curator


  • ISEA2019:

    Annick Bureaud is the President of Art Science Technology Network Inc (ASTN) which publishes Fine Art Forum. She is the editor of the International Directory of Electronic Arts (IDEA) published by CHAOS.


    Annick Bureaud lives and works in Paris, France. Editor of the IDEA/International Directory of Electronic Arts and IDEA online (http:/; independent curator; lecturer at the art school of Aix-en-Provence; collaborator of the Leonardo Observatory for the Arts and Technosciences (French Web site of Leonardo); independent art critic (member of the editorial board of Leonardo, Art Press); president of the Art, Science, Technology Network (ASTN).

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  • FR

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