“Technoetic Arts: A Journey of Speculative Research” presented by Bardakos, Honorato, Hu, Jacques and Westermann


Session Title:

  • Futures and Speculations

Presentation Title:

  • Technoetic Arts: A Journey of Speculative Research




  • First published in 2003 by founding editor Roy Ascott, Technoetic Arts is a peer-reviewed journal that explores the juncture of art practice, technology and the mind. Drawing from academic research and often unorthodox approaches it opens up a forum for trans-disciplinary speculative frameworks.

    In 2020, with the support of the publisher Intellect, Ascott entrusted the editorship to what he defined the editorial organism, an international assemblage. [composed by: Claudia Jacques, Claudia Westermann, Dalila Honorato, Iannis Bardakos, Tom Ascott and Yong Hu. ]

    The Editorial Organism of the Technoetic Arts Journal is considered an extitution. The term extitution relates to a radically dynamic form of organisation, differentiating itself from the dominant form of organisations, typically conceptualised as static institutions. Extitutional theory is an emerging area of research that provides a set of conceptual tools for describing and analyzing the underlying social dynamics of a variety of social arrangements, such as communities, businesses, organizations, or any other structure.

    An extitution is an open, flexible, dynamic and diachronic multiplicity and, in this sense Technoetic Arts, combining academic research and artistic expression throughout the years, has established a unique journey. Within this presentation, we explore the reinvention of the editorial process through an organism that is composed of interdependent conscious units that coexist and apply decision-making in a decentralised way.


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