“Technologies as Agents to Penumbras” presented by Nam, Han, Gil and Ayson

  • ©ISEA2019: 25th International Symposium on Electronic Art, Su Hyun Nam, Sanglim Han, Julieta Gil, and John-Patrick Ayson, Technologies as Agents to Penumbras


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  • Other Panels

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  • Technologies as Agents to Penumbras




  • This panel undertakes a critical discussion on the altered agencies between the User, Viewer, research-based artist & praxis-led researcher. Various uses of VR, AR, A.I and other smart technologies are discussed by each panel member, particularly technologies that also act as vessels to occupy multiple hyperspaces.

    As tools to maintain kinships with other-bodies, exo-spaces, exobiomes, hyperobjects, speculative-histories, datafied atoms, the labor of using VR, AR, A.I & smart technologies should always undertake a deep meditation, in constant flux amongst a myriad microbiome, forever cemented in constant archeological reinterpretation, inhaling & becoming one with dust particles, while dancing with the data from its lunchtime, pre-snack bowl of yogurt.