“Telepresence: A Collective Virtual Reality Performance Experience” presented by Bhumber and Lee


Session Title:

  • VR / AR – Auditory Media

Presentation Title:

  • Telepresence: A Collective Virtual Reality Performance Experience





  • Telepresence is an eight-minute, 8.2 channel surround sound VR performance experience where audience members are seated in rotating chairs in the center of the sound system and performance space, each wearing an Oculus Go VR HMD, as a trumpet player performs around them. In this paper, we explore the relationships between culture, presence and choreography, and how they are constantly in feedback with mediated technologies. This is followed by our methodology, which outlines the musical composition and sound choreography, and the technical and artistic development of VR components. Lastly, we conclude with artistic reflections based on our 17 performances from ourselves as creators, our creative collaborators and audience members.


  • Emily Carr University of Art and Design