Telepresence Art: The Ornitorrinco Project


Session Title:

  • Three-space, Time-base, In-yer-face Art: The Aesthetics of Real Space Interactives

Presentation Title:

  • Telepresence Art: The Ornitorrinco Project




  • In this telepresence installation, a mobile, wireless telerobot Ornitorrinco (Platypus, in Portuguese) in Chicago is controlled in real time by participants in Lexington and Seattle. Communication takes place not through verbal exchange but through the rhythms that result from their engagement in a shared, mediated experience. Viewers and participants are invited to experience an invented remote space from a perspective other than their own. Anybody in the world with Internet access can see it, thus dissolving gallery boundaries and making the work accessible to larger audiences. By merging telerobotics, remote participants and spaces, the traditional telephone system, and videoconferencing through the Internet, this networked telepresence installation shows one potential direction that interactive art may take in the future.