Ten Years After


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  • Critical Perspectives on Economies of Art Today

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  • Ten Years After




  • If one of my pictures of Shanghai has illustrated the ISEA’s coverage book 2006 in San Jose, and with one text, in 2008 for ISEA in Singapore my text only was present, I canceled my trip after that I did not found funds for my travel.

    Also today, the global economic crisis, ten years after the world political crisis following the attacks in New York in 2001, should not be a border for the creators and theorists of electronic art.

    For ISEA2011, I propose to think concretely through four elements that are a paper, an artwork, a workshop and a panel in Istanbul to open the world across the borders of a Global Village, 100 years McLuhan after.

    If there is now a virtual museum of 9/11 in New York but nothing has really changed since then in the way of thinking about architectural place to imagine a planetary network with or without the 27 countries of Europe.

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