Franck Ancel

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  • Invisible University

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  • ISEA2023

    Franck Ancel worked with the scenographer Jacques Polieri. While paying tribute to the 50th anniversary of Sputnik during a streaming-installation-performance, he decided to start psychoanalysis. Franck Ancel is now installed as a psychoanalyst in Paris but he also teaches art history. His ‘zerography’ is a continuation of the Polieri’s ‘topology’ and Lacan’s ‘scenography’.


    Franck Ancel, Invisible University. Zerographer, craftsman of his life for nearly forty years, of which half has been spent on projects that can be definied in 20 connections: 1989-2009 / invisible-visible / architecture-environment / Kiesler-Polieri / neo-avant-garde / space-time / technology-science / language-form / network-data / history-memory / freedoom-love / screen-stage / sounds-colours / lighthouse-satellite / desert-island / community-being / body-mouvement / past-future / skin-soul / spirituality-poetic.


Last Known Location:

  • France, French Republic

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