“Texting a Machine: Assembling an Emotional Response” presented by Maragiannis


Session Title:

  • Post Human - Can Non-anthropocentric Relationships Lead to True Intimacy with Technology?

Presentation Title:

  • Texting a Machine: Assembling an Emotional Response




  • Existing research into contemporary machines, or in other words ‘robots’- captivating through a more humanoid oriented definition- generally complexes on a superficial unknown exploration of human senses and communication practices. Contemporary society is shaped by numerous technological communication disputes that initiate throughout a unique immersion of our portable devices, our sexual intersubjectivities and gender affinities. However, this relationship between individuals and their artificial counterparts routes back to the ancient Greek eras where ‘antikithira’ mechanism was used to communicate data. That formed our future and therefore our emotional response to machinery.

    Prevailing stereotypes
    Certainly, our world is not only about stereotypes but also it is about fixed, prearranged patterns that allow us – or not – to be more creative in our non-creative existence. Hundreds of online apps operable through the Internet, tolerates us to reconnoitre emotional qualities that can mirror our human essentials in prescient terms of artificial responses. We use these technologies thinking that we could communicate more, and we could aid this communication by rethinking and reshaping our physical life. We use the online apps to text to someone that we think is there to listen and respond to us, however the response we get doesn’t necessarily mean that a real human is on the other side of this interaction. There is a well-defined distinction here that lies between a physical and a virtual life. However this correlation is still blurred and not yet  discovered. What kind of creative approaches appear possible for dealing with these complexities? But just as we getting along with ‘blind’ communication and uncertain emotions into future technology, we become less precautious with the openness around sexual identities emotions and communication with the ‘other side’ of our machine a practice that social torture part of our society. Within this panel I would like to discuss the impact of the screen based communication process through the individual portable devices and explore ‘our’ no-gender attitude. Consequently robotics and there fixtures mechanisms (apps) allows us to further explore our restricted by the society nature, and offer us the chance to be as exposed as we think we want to be. What is the role of art in this exploration?