“The Aesthetics of Codes, from Multimedia Design to Creative Art Education” presented by Lam


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  • Education - Computer Programming Education and Creative Arts

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  • The Aesthetics of Codes, from Multimedia Design to Creative Art Education




  • The author was often reflexively inspired by his own creative outputs in coding that may suggest mysterious hints in our universe. The presentation will trace his twenty years of creative journey as both multimedia designer and art educator, in two different regions, Hong Kong and Taiwan, through the exploration of mathematics, computer coding, visual design and musical performance.

    Being an early pioneer of interactive media design in the Hong Kong creative industries, the author traced the historical development of both the aesthetics and technology of professional web design in Hong Kong, with his substantial portfolio. While bringing his skills and knowledge to the education sector, the author also compared and contrasted the use of creative coding between the commercial environment and the education communities. As a part-time lecturer in Tainan, he would further elaborate the cultural differences in the reception of computational creativity between the Hong Kong and Taiwanese audience.

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