“The Algae Society Bio Art Design Lab presents: Entanglements” presented by II, Parker, Velasco, Harrower, Hillary, Harris and Ribeaux


Presentation Title:

  • The Algae Society Bio Art Design Lab presents: Entanglements



  • The Algae Society is a global collective of interdisciplinary researchers working together to establish a new community with algae as a non-human international research partner. As a working group of artists, scientists and scholars, we’ve focused our efforts to collaborate, cooperate, experiment, design and exhibit with algae. Our collaboration is a novel approach aiming to benefit and educate the public on the importance of symbiotic human-algal relationships, highlighting algae as the unsung hero of the planet responsible for producing 50% of our oxygen. We seek to ignite new research and communication across the globe that transcends disciplines and invites compassionate connections with these living organisms. Each exhibition includes new works created and curated by The Algae Society with the intention to spark effective actions of change that shift human behavior. We create interdisciplinary, multimedia bridges for understanding these more-than-human organisms, generating curiosity and wonder among participants and viewers. We endeavor for these interactive educational experiences to ignite societal behavioral shifts and direct action in response to the challenges that algal-human ecosystems face under climate change.