“The Architecture of Living Documents” presented by Gold


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  • Beyond Shelter: The Future of Architecture

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  • The Architecture of Living Documents



  • You may know Xerox PARC as the place where the mouse and the graphic user interface were first designed. When Xerox PARC was first set up twenty-seven years ago one of its founding research goals was to study the “architecture of information”. Since then Xerox has become ‘The Document Company’. Over the past few years Rich Gold’s studio at PARC has been exploring “Living Documents” which are documents that are both part of a living community and also “alive” themselves, in that they are constantly changing. These documents have “sites” but non-stable content, which really isn’t much different than, say Paris or San Francisco. Gold is currently looking at The Architecture of Living Documents. Now it turns out that the design of real buildings or cities almost always involves something like a Living Document.


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