The Anthropocene Cookbook: Eating for our Future Survival


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  • The Anthropocene Cookbook: Eating for our Future Survival




  • Humans have been cultivating animals and plants for more than 10000 years. But we can no longer live of mother Earth’s resources the same way as we did before. With the presence of the new geological epoch – the Anthropocene, it becomes evident that “the ecological catastrophe has already happened” (Morton). We have to adjust now if we want to survive. The important question for our near future is how to feed the soon-to-be 9 billion population. The Anthropocene Cookbook is an artistic research project investigating the future cuisine. The project maps and explores the most innovative and speculative ideas about alternative foods within arts, design, science & technology. How does food look from a perspective of a post-ecological catastrophe? Should we eat insect based food? Or nanotechnological nutritions? What about food printers for cooking? Or using genetic technologies to grow beef in-vitro in the lab? How can we prepare for indoor based farming? And how to turn such foods into something socially accepted and eaten on a daily basis, not just as a something exceptional or taboo’ish. How can insect based food become an everyday thing, such as Junk Food Insect Burgers for the Future? Let’s find the global taste of the Anthropocene.