“The art of urgency: cultural mediation as a vehicle for socio-ecological transition” presented by Paquet and Rouleau


Session Title:

  • Ecosystems and HybrId Agencies

Presentation Title:

  • The art of urgency: cultural mediation as a vehicle for socio-ecological transition




  • The climate emergency has led to a growing recognition of the need for a socio-ecological transition. This recognition has strong cultural dimensions, shaped by representations and narratives as potential vehicles of change. Cultural mediation is a way of connecting these realms. It can stimulate ex-changes between actors (citizens, organizations, policymak-ers), and ultimately help produce dynamics of change and new solidarities.
    ARTENSO, a research centre in art and social engagement, explored the possibilities of these intersections by conducting documentary research on the relationship between artistic and ecological interventions. It illuminated the relationships be-tween art, culture and social-ecological change, both in their conceptual dimensions and through practical considerations. It developed a tripartite typology to map initiatives that bring about transformations in the current social and environmental context.
    This study suggests that artists and cultural organizations can become agents of social change by exploring new methods and processes. Often conceived and presented separately, en-gaged art and ecologically responsible practices are neverthe-less dimensions that, when articulated together, can challenge society on environmental issues, question the relationship be-tween populations and the environment, and advance the fight against climate change