“The ARTENSO_LAB: an incubator of digital cultural mediations” presented by Quintas


Session Title:

  • Medialabs, Research and Practices

Presentation Title:

  • The ARTENSO_LAB: an incubator of digital cultural mediations




  • ARTENSO is a center for the transfer of innovative social practices affiliated with Cégep de Saint-Laurent based in Montreal (Quebec, Canada). Its mission is to promote the general interests and specific issues related to research and innovation in art and social engagement in the field of cultural mediation. In fall 2021, the LAB_ARTENSO Incubator starts its activity to support teams/projects wishing to explore the connections between cultural mediation, digital devices, and collaborative processes. Selected through a call for projects, the proposals come from artists, mediators, and representatives of organizations wanting to find an innovative response to issues involved in relationships between the cultural field and the social field. The theme for this first year is geolocation, mapping and storytelling through the use of interactive and participatory positioning and mapping technologies. The selected projects are diverse, but all speak of links between culture, city and citizenship. ARTENSO is extending the incubation and support project in digital cultural mediation with a research aimed at documenting collaborative practices at the heart of the cohorts. While digital culture approaches (living labs, hackatons, creative sprints) are increasingly getting attention for their democratizing force in the field of cultural mediation, in Quebec, few studies have investigated them.

    This presentation aims to share the characteristics and effects of cultural Labs based on the model of the ARTENSO center. We are strongly interested in sharing learnings on how to support novel processes of carrying out digital cultural projects. The presentation falls into the theme of “Educations and societies” by asking questions about contemporary ways of learning and transmission in a complex, open and interdisciplinary world.


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