The Artists-in-Labs program: Institute of Cultural Studies, ZHDK


Presentation Title:

  • The Artists-in-Labs program: Institute of Cultural Studies, ZHDK



  • Keywords: Art, science, exchange, building bridges, new methodologies, experiential embodiment as education, evolution of the program

    Since 2003, the Artistsinlabs Program has placed over 40 artists into many different science labs in the life sciences, physics, cognition, computing and engineering. In this presentation I will give an overview of this history, an outline of the methodology we had to invent and an idea of how to facilitate this exchange for other people who might be interested to set up similar programs in their own institutions. Within this program my colleague Irène Hediger and I have facilitated international residencies for artists, exhibitions, concerts and publications, research projects and Art/Sci/Culture exchanges. The program has evolved through various stages and the funding sources have changed alongside the growth of art and science into a new discipline.

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