The Arts Catalyst with Mexican Artists


Session Title:

  • Latin American Forum #3

Presentation Title:

  • The Arts Catalyst with Mexican Artists




  • Panel: Latin American Forum #3

    The Arts Catalyst is one of the UK’s most distinctive arts organisations, distinguished by ambitious art commissions and its unique take on art-science practice. Our primary focus is commissioning new artists’ projects, presented in a range of museums, art galleries and other public spaces in the UK and internationally. In its 17 years, The Arts Catalyst has commissioned more than 90 artists’ projects. Through our exhibitions and events programme, we enable people to have distinctive, thought-provoking experiences that transcend traditional boundaries of art and science. During ISEA2012 in Albuquerque and the first KOSMICA Mexico organised by The Arts Catalyst and Laboratorio Arte Alameda in the autumn, we had the opportunity to meet some of the artists we have been following from abroad. This gave us a better insight into the new work being produced by leading Mexican artists, and enabled conversations about potential collaborations with The Arts Catalyst; hence we have planned that in 2013 we are going to focus on working with some of these artists and organisations. For ISEA2013 will show the progress of this series of collaborations within the Latin American Forum. These collaborations include: Ariel Guzik, SEFT – 1, KOSMICA Mexico, Laboratorio Arte Alameda and Mexican Space Collective.