“The Attract-o-Tone: A Performance-Oriented Musical Interface” presented by Müller and Kalisch


Session Title:

  • Musical Devices

Presentation Title:

  • The Attract-o-Tone: A Performance-Oriented Musical Interface




  • We all know the sound of a guitar, a piano or a trumpet. And with those rather traditional Instruments, the observer easily understands how sounds occur, which are created by. Yet, contrary to a drumkit or a theremin, most of the motion happens hidden in detail. Only the audience physically close to the musician gets to associate the movements of the hands and fingers with the produced notes. Who isn‘t near, won‘t be able to do that, simply because of not seeing what the musician is doing. And the more senses are involved in perceiving a situation, the more intensely it will be experienced. Therefore we intended to create an interface that demands exuberant gestures of the musician.

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