“The Doomsday of Music” presented by Pasquet


Session Title:

  • Musical Devices

Presentation Title:

  • The Doomsday of Music




  • Many people worked on synesthesia with audio and video. The age of information moves to an age of physical information using conceptual and intelligent softwares, robotics and real digital fabrication. This last year, I have been interested in materializing music. Writing a traditional score is most of the time not adequate because time and its perception are not behaving the same way as in instrumental music. Frontiers between creative process and performance process merged thanks to non linearity of time with algorithmic arts. Also, a generated piece does not have one single timeline. It is something much more complex that could only be described and written linearly until the combinatory pieces of Stockhausen in the 60’s. Thus, representation and score combine in many cases and the need to write or describe music is very different from the one for instrumentalists.

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