“The Cat’s Eyes Nebula” presented by Ribeiro and Lorusso


Session Title:

  • Science and Art

Presentation Title:

  • The Cat’s Eyes Nebula




  • Abstract
    Evoking the visual and philosophical complexities of the “Cat’s Eye Nebula”, this non-local interactive video installation is part of the series “Performing Quantum Entanglement: Subtle Appa-ratuses for Extrasensory Affectiveness” by Clarissa Ribeiro, and integrates the Exhibition “Museum of Endo-Luminosity” of Mick Lorusso, together with the Art|Sci Collective. The work is an invitation to reflect about the invisible bonds that links man and the universe, and that are the ones that keeps affectiveness alive, no matter the distance. Questioning the main stream goal for smoothness and predictability in communication, Cat’s Eye Neb-ula is conceived as a noisy, fuzzy logic and unexpected commu-nicational experience involving humans and computers in their surprisingly instable vibrational realm.

    The Cat Knows
    The subtle apparatuses that integrate the work consist sim-ultaneously in a memory and an actualization of possible entanglements between the two artists that are collaborat-ing for its production – Clarissa Ribeiro and Mick Lorusso. The actual “Cat’s Eye Nebula” (NGC 6543), according to NASA, is a visual ‘fossil record’ of the dynamics and late evolution of a dying star, and is one of the most complex planetary nebulae ever seen, captured by NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope. The structures of the Cat’s Eye are so complex that astronomers suspect the bright central object may actually be a binary star system – a bipolar geometry produced by two stars surrounded by cocoons of gas blown off in the late stages of their stellar evolution.

    The stars that produced as a memory the “Cat’s Eye Nebu-la” were in the processes of becoming two giant diamonds, silently entangled in faraway skies. Being installed at the same time in Shanghai, at the Roy Ascott Studio Gallery, and in Los Angeles, at the Art|Sci Gallery, the work con-sists of two black boxes were the complex geometric pat-terns generated by the irregular reflection of a red laser beam, when crossing a diamond-like prism that moves according to visitors’ vibrations captured by a piezoelectric sensor, are captured by a hidden webcam and send, via live streaming video, to the entangled exhibition space.

    As a synthesis, it could be seemed as a manifesto for a quantum approach to the communicational processes in interactive media art projects. This effort implies in investigating, theoretically and in the practice as an independent artist, ways and processes through which we affect and are affected by each other and the world around by means of interacting in a quantum level that is vibrational, potential where consciousness can be viewed as a complex dynamic event, constantly engaged in the act of self-creation.

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