“The Connective Tissue Of Physical Computing” presented by Diekman


Session Title:

  • Technology, expression & wellbeing

Presentation Title:

  • The Connective Tissue Of Physical Computing




  • Keywords: interactive, empathy, performance, somatic, touch, intersubjectivity, physical computing, sensorial, trauma, relational.
    This paper investigates the role of performativity, intersubjectivity and empathy in relational, participatory or computational art. Through the creation of sensorial, kinesthetic and immersive interfaces for the public to ‘perform’ the work, participants can expand their somatic experiences to include looking, moving, touching, listening and other forms of sensing. They can enter into a sensuous continuum with the artwork, oscillating between the representation of another’s experience and reflection on their own, so as to reconstitute new subjectivities.

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